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Professional Mattress Cleaning for London, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and South East UK

There's nothing new about cleaning mattresses - just many more reasons for having them cleaned...

Due to the modern day environment, created by double glazing and central heating, and the resulting increase in dust mites, bacteria, viruses and other filthy residues in our beds, there has been a corresponding increase in health problems such as Asthma, Eczema, Hay Fever and allergies. So regular mattress cleaning is more important than ever before.

Your grandparents and possibly your parents, regularly dragged theirs out into the garden on a cold day and beat them for half an hour or more. They knew what was good for you! The cold killed the dust mites and the beating removed their excrement and other contaminants. But due to the weight and composition of the modern mattress, which makes them too heavy to carry outside, and the time pressure created by today's hectic world, we don't do that any more.

Whether or not you suffer from any associated medical condition, it's so good to sleep in a really clean, hygienic bed.

How We Clean today

Using portable equipment we clean mattresses, pillows and duvets, carpets, curtains, fluffy toys and all other soft fabrics and upholstered furniture to provide an ultra-clean environment on site in your home.

The Mattress Doctor® three-stage process doesn't use liquids or toxic chemicals.

The unique equipment manufactured and used by The Mattress Doctor® is based upon a scientifically proven system which was originally developed in Europe in the early 1980's.

Our scientists and engineers made significant improvements to the efficiency of this system and adapted our mattress cleaning system so that it can also be used to treat pillows, duvets, carpets, rugs and upholstery where necessary. When calling ask out what else we can clean for you !

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