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Now that you’ve had your mattress deep-cleaned, what is the next priority to facilitate a healthy sleeping environment?

It has been said that an unclean pillow may contain up to 100,000 dust mites and many other harmful micro-organisms. Also that up to a third of the weight of your pillow may be attributed to dead skin and other contaminants.

The most frequent cleaning instructions that we Mattress Doctors® see on pillow labels is ‘wash at 40C, don’t dry clean’. Unfortunately 40C will not kill dust mites. 60C does the job but the filling of your pillow is likely to be damaged.

The Mattress Doctor cleaning® system will leave you with a biologically clean and undamaged pillow. Due to the vibration applied to the pillow during cleaning a useful side-effect (for feather or down filled cases) is that pillows are nicely plumped up due to the separation of fibres which can become matted due to perspiration during sleep.

Because duvets are above the body they do not contain the same density of dust mites and other contaminants as mattresses and pillows, but the numbers will still be significant. Cleaning instruction labels on duvets are usually as for pillows (see above).

The dust mites that are to be found in duvets will migrate back into mattresses and pillows, so why not join the majority of our clients who have mattresses, pillows and duvets all cleaned on the same day?

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