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Sofas and Carpets

The Mattress Doctor® cleaning system works wonders outside of the bedroom too!

Over a period of time, sofas, upholstered chairs and cushions collect many types of contaminants. These include the skin cells we shed every day, dust mites that transfer from our clothing, human and animal hair and allergens linked to the above. The allergens can trigger allergic reactions in the form of skin irritation (particularly eczema) or problems with our respiratory systems such as asthma, sinusitis and rhinitis.

The Mattress Doctor® deep cleaning system removes all dust and allergens, not only giving you a healthier living environment but often improving the colour by removing the greyness from the fabric. As with pillows, any cushions that are feather or down filled become plumped up as part of the process.

Our system doesn’t use steam so you’ll be able to use your furniture as soon as the work is finished!

Carpets act as huge reservoirs for collecting house dust, hair and allergens. Hair, whether pet or human, is particularly difficult to remove once embedded in the pile, but the Mattress Doctor® system which combines vibration with suction power does the job.

A recent Which? report showed that efficiency of house dust removal varied from less that 25% to around 70% for the domestic machines that were tested. We don’t think that’s good enough and our equipment gets close to 100%.

If you have eastern, oriental or antique carpets the Mattress Doctor® will first check that there is no possibility of damage occurring during the clean. It’s particularly satisfying to see those dull pinks and dusty blues of a dense pile oriental carpet return to their vibrant colours.

If you have extensive staining or just want the pile washed then we’d recommend that you use a different cleaning system, but if good health is your priority then the Mattress Doctor® is for you.

If we are already in your home, the visiting Mattress Doctor® will be pleased to demonstrate how much dust can be removed in one minute from any item of upholstered furniture or carpet. If the test shows that it’s clean we won’t waste your time and money!

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